Loans – Facts and price comparison for those who want to borrow 500 USD.

Sometimes there may be a need to borrow a really small amount of money and it is at this very moment when a loan of USD 500 is supposed to go in and help. If you want to borrow 500 USD, it is the question of a micro loan that you must take.

Short loans that you can apply


These are short loans that you can apply for via the web or using the mobile phone. The maturity for loans of USD 500 is usually at a maximum of USD 500 and it can actually be even shorter than that. Micro loans of USD 500 are not very common, but most lenders usually start lending from USD 1,000. However, there are some options for you looking for a loan of USD 500.

Can be free


Although it may sound strange, it is actually quite possible that you can borrow 500 USD for free. This is because there are lenders who use loans of USD 500 as a kind of introduction. Their idea is that you will later borrow money from them again and that they will then start making money.

Borrowing USD 500 from a lender and not paying anything for this is obviously a good option for you. It is only important that you think before you borrow money again. If you want to borrow more sometime later, you should not automatically choose the lender that you have previously borrowed for free, but you should then compare all the lenders to find the cheapest price. There is nothing that says you have to borrow again from a lender you previously borrowed for free.

Who lends USD 500?


A little further down in this article you can find a list of a number of lenders offering their customers micro loans of USD 500. You will also find information on what it costs. If you want a more detailed comparison, you can visit our micro loan comparison page of USD 500.

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